According to the resources: For 2020 NFL season The Next Gen Stats team is very much excited to debut a collection of new superior metrics. As the NGS toolbox of advanced metrics grows every season, our potential to analyze the sport takes new leaps. Data storytelling is about to get even greater compelling.

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In this regard, Mike Band, Next Gen Stats Analyst gave the statement that:

“Our team continues to push the envelope of what’s possible. With advances in machine learning, we have developed new metrics in a variety of different aspects of the game. From predicting the number of rushing yards a ball carrier will gain from handoff (Expected Rushing Yards) to estimating the chances a team wins in the middle of a game (Live Win Probability), there’s a lot to look forward to from Next Gen Stats in 2020.”

Moreover he explains:

“That’s not all! We have added new statistics like dropped passes to improve passing and receiving metrics. We can measure and aggregate distance and speed metrics that include the time in between plays. And we can derive new fantasy football metrics, like Expected Fantasy Points, using Completion Probability, Expected YAC and Expected Rushing Yards to quantify a player’s actual fantasy performance relative to expectations.

When we first began tracking players in 2015, speed and distance measures were the primary stories derived from Next Gen Stats. Just six seasons later, our advanced metrics toolbox now includes several machine learning models spanning techniques like logistic regression, boosted trees and convolutional neural networks.

This is only an introduction to these new advanced metrics. There is plenty more to come from the Next Gen Stats team this season. Stay tuned!”

Here are some of their new stats to watch out for this season:

  1. Expected Rushing Yards
  2. Route Recognition
  3. Live Win Probability
  4. Field Goal Probability (2020 update)
  5. Expected Yards After Catch (2020 update)
  6. The Next Gen Stats LIVE Experience (2020 update)

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