Anquan Boldin isn’t always certain what number of humans precisely are worried with the Players Coalition at this point. It become most effective 4 years in the past that the previous huge receiver and an insignificant handful of his NFL friends first approached the league to talk about crook justice reform.

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According to Adam Maya he said:

“Initially for us it was just trying to get the attention of those that were in position of power,” he said. “Hey, we have a problem here. Let’s address it. … Now it’s spreading across all the leagues.”

“What is happening now was the vision,” Boldin said. “In this country there is no greater platform than the NFL. I haven’t seen any other league, any other company, whatever it is, draw the kind of attention that the NFL draws. You just look at the Super Bowl in itself. There’s nothing bigger than a Super Bowl in this country. … there’s no other platform like what the NFL has. And for us it was, yes, we want your dollars to go into the communities that we come from because a majority of the players in the NFL come from pretty much low-income communities. So we felt like it was investing in pretty much the future of the NFL, but also we want to use all the resources available to the NFL. We want to use your marketing. We want to use all the connections that you have to make this as big as possible. You have 32 billionaires in the NFL. You have Roger Goodell, who many look at as the face of the NFL. And every time he speaks, he speaks for the NFL.

“So if we can get these people behind us, talking about the same things we’re talking about, pushing the issues that we’re pushing, I think we’ll be able to make change in this country.”

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