The Bears’ failure to take advantage of Trubisky’s strengths as a runner is head-scratching. The strides he is made within side the passing sport — yes, he did leave out a few throws Sunday, however he turned into nevertheless stepped forward from remaining season — are positive, however Nagy has to create a few offensive assist schematically for his younger quarterback. If the play-caller refuses to marry his sport plan to the quarterback at the field, the Bears might not preserve to come to be at the proper aspect of the scoreboard going forward.

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According to NFL Analyst David Carr:

“For three quarters of the Chicago Bears’ Week 1 game, I saw the same Mitchell Trubisky that was in hot water all season long in 2019: the quarterback who locks on to one wide receiver, wishes him open, then watches his guy knock the ball away from the defender.

This kind of QB play dug Chicago into a 23-6 hole at the start of the fourth quarter against the Detroit Lions — and surely no one honestly thought Trubisky and the Bears’ offense, a unit that converted one of nine third downs up to that point, could string together a late comeback. But to Trubisky’s credit, he was better going through his reads and strung some nice throws together. Making better decisions and delivering a more accurate ball was the difference in completing eight of 10 passes for 89 yards, three TDs and a 143.3 passer rating in the fourth quarter, as opposed to going 12-of-26 for 153 yards and a 65.1 passer rating through three quarters. And it also helped the Bears score 21 unanswered points to defeat the Lions and begin the 2020 season 1-0.”

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