The award is yearly offered through the Pro Football Hall of Fame “in reputation of longtime wonderful contributions to radio and tv in expert football,” in keeping with a press launch from the Hall of Fame Thursday night time rapidly after Buck changed into amazed through the respect at some stage in halftime of the Bengals-Browns recreation he changed into calling at the NFL Network.

Buck will be a part of his mythical father Jack Buck because the most effective father-son mixture to acquire the respect.

David Baker said, in the release:

“For 26 years, the entire lifetime of FOX Sports, Joe Buck has been a voice bringing the game to life for fans of NFL football, Joe’s preparation for his games and his delivery in key moments of those games bring an added quality to the network’s production, Being named this year’s Rozelle Award winner is well-deserved recognition for over two decades of excellence in his craft. I know his dad would be proud.”

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