In Kubiak’s to begin with amusement calling plays since 2016, after supplanting Kevin Stefanski, who took the Browns head-coaching work, the offense looked uneven. Most shockingly, over the course of the diversion, Minnesota ran fair one play-action pass on 25 Cousins pass endeavors. The QB is best when utilizing play-action, and it was a staple in final year’s victory. Vikings fans trust the cliff-dive was essentially a item of a game-script tilting against them for the bulk of the diversion.

“It got ugly there for a few possessions,” offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak said Thursday, via the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Kubiak said:

“We’re trying to chase four quarters, What was the difference? It’s always little things…That’s part of football. You’ve got to battle through mistakes. Keep battling and keep playing and stay positive in your approach. We did that.”

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