For the first time, the Manchester City boss will begin his fifth season at the same club, making this to begin with ever revamping work, after final season’s underachievement in both the Head Association and Champions League.

 An 18-point shortfall to runaway English champions Liverpool was awful sufficient, but the FA Glass last vanquish to Arsenal and European exit to Lyon made it clear that even average rivals are now not afraid of Guardiola’s once-intimidating side.

Guardiola was guarded in his first news conference of the new season and didn’t want to discuss the club’s transfer business in too much detail, particularly as he was speaking for the first about the possibility of signing Messi.

But he insisted he was happy with his lot.

“Since I arrived here, I’m more than satisfied in the team, and the club always does their best, not just for me but for the team,” he said.

“Even if we have to stay with the players we have, I’ll be happy, and if we have to move someone on, maybe that’s because it is the player that decides to leave.

“I’ve never complained before and I never will. I’m lucky to have these players and be at this club. That’s it.”

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