Votto, 37, broke into the Major Leagues in 2007. He has led the league in walks five times and in on-base percentage seven times. On Friday during a three-hit game, he passed Barry Larkin for fifth in club history with 962 RBIs.

Votto said:

“I’ll have to watch what I say because, of course, I want to be respectful, but when you’re in the middle of playing, or at least me personally, I’m not thinking about it until maybe down the line, I really haven’t even thought about much in my career, as far as what I’ve done — and I really haven’t done anything, to be honest with you. But I’ll look back maybe when I’m done playing. Maybe at the end of the year. I’m not really sure entirely.

I’ve done a couple things that I look back on and gave myself a pat on the back, but … I think almost exclusively about wins on a daily basis and how can we get into the playoffs, can we play good baseball and really win a championship this year — those sort of things. My teammates are great, have been great about congratulating me and supporting me, which is really such a good feeling.”

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