Camur will be 25 years old on September 25th. If you don’t know, it will be his only “golden” birthday. But at UFC 253 the next day, Strong Style Gym products won’t be celebrated until after a light heavyweight showdown with UFC rookie William Knight. Considering Camur to win the award as a birthday present creates a big smile, but he knows it’s unwise to completely break the confetti cake.

Camur told

“I have to get the job done then celebrate afterwards, so I guess two times the celebration after the fight is said and done, I think, looking back on it, I’m just going to be grateful and be able to say that I got to experience this, overall. Obviously, my game plan is to go and get my hand raised so I want to be looking back telling my kids about how I went to Abu Dhabi and won after my birthday. I don’t know if I’ll ever be back here other than if it’ss for a fight, so I just want to enjoy everything and take everything in and have a good night.”

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