When the coronavirus hit, the warring parties at Auckland, New Zealand’s well-known City Kickboxing have been withinside the midst of a combat camp. They determined to isolate together, bringing in mattresses, stocking up on meals and actually residing withinside the gym. The revel in bolstered the bonds among teammates and reaped results.

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In spite of Covid-19 shutting down much of the planet, 27-year-old UFC featherweight Shane Young is in great spirits.

“When I was younger, playing with my little friends, I had these fantasies I’d be battling aliens to defend planet Earth, or fantasies about being an All Black [rugby player] – but what I’m doing right now is just as crazy. The world is in a pandemic and we’re flying to a manmade island to fight!”

He laughs.

“Dreams do come true, kids.”

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