With a UFC contract on the road in advance this month, William Knight threw each elbow and punch with the purpose that one in every of them could extrade his life. At 2:23 of the primary round, referee Herb Dean pulled him off Cody Brundage.

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“That’s my world,” he said. “When those doors close and the ref says fight, I go into this zone of dismantling a human being. Then I come back to my senses and show them respect.”

“I’m four years into mixed martial arts and two years as a professional and I’m on the biggest stage that you can speak of,” he said proudly.

Now, he lives an atypical life, complete with worldwide fame, a growing fanbase and a 14-hour flight to Abu Dhabi for this weekend’s fight. He’s on Fight Island now, but in the days leading up to his trip, he wasn’t exactly thrilled about that flight or any other, for that matter.

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