Dwayne Haskins moseyed on right all the way down to Strugglesville and in no way left in Sunday’s 34-20 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

Haskins threw 3 INTs and fumbled twice, dropping one, because the Washington Football Team misplaced an early lead and in no way recovered.

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Despite the bad outing, educate Ron Rivera remained dedicated to Haskins because the beginning QB.

Rivera said following the loss, via ESPN:

“I just got done talking to Dwayne and told him, ‘I’m behind you. I’m going to stick with you, so you go out and play.”

“As long as [Haskins] continues to do things that show he can make things happen, I am going to support the young man,” Rivera said. “I am not going to pull the plug just because something like this happens. In my opinion, he is barely through a rookie year right now in terms of being out there, learning, and growing.”

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