Patricia Maria Tig, however, subscribed to a different philosophy during her 7-6 (7), 3-6, 6-0 loss to Fiona Ferro in Chatrier on Saturday. Over the course of the first set, the Romanian punctuated many of her winning points with a loud shriek, and a louder “Come on!”

Granted, Ferro is a triple citizen of Belgium (where she was born), Italy (where her father is from), and France (where she has lived most of her life). But she trains with French coaches at France’s national academy, and the fans at Roland Garros were behind her all the way. And while there were only a few hundred of those fans in Chatrier today, the old adage still applied: Mess with the French at your own risk. As Tig’s outbursts grew louder, so did the boos from the fans in response. Finally, Tig turned toward one of them and screamed back.

“This is awesome,” Tennis Channel commentator Jan-Michael Gambill said. “Tig taking on the French crowd. That is a BOLD move.”

The Romanian fought the French, and the Frenchwoman won
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Finally, after a week in Paris, it felt like the French Open again.

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