Not due to the fact the heavyweight has been spending an excessive amount of time education or because he’s needed to tour to Abu Dhabi for his sophomore UFC bout, however due to the fact, for the primary time ever, she sees her husband beginning to get abs.

“I was a bigger heavyweight, but I was just fatter; I actually have abs a little bit for this fight so it’s weird. My wife was making fun of me about it,” Daukaus chuckled as he spoke to “We’ve been together since we we’ve been 18 and I was close to 300 pounds before I started fighting, so she’s never really seen me with any abs or anything like that. She’s on vacation right now with my son and she’s telling me about all the foods she’s eating and I’m saying, all right, but I’m coming back with abs, so I don’t really care.”

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But the 31-year-old Daukaus quickly adds that she shouldn’t anticipate his transformation to last for too long.

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“Got my beach bod for Fight Island but after Fight Island, it’s going back,” Daukaus said with a smile.

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