“As someone who has covered boxing for over two decades, I’ve always held true to the belief that nothing in the sweet science ever compared to a Felix Trinidad or Miguel Cotto fight in New York City’s Madison Square Garden.”

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The energy, the music, the drums – it’s cliché, but it always felt like the roof was going to fly off the place. Think a Georges St-Pierre fight in Montreal and you get the picture.

But when those Puerto Rican icons fought, it wasn’t just those in the venue that got involved.

“It was always Trinidad and then Miguel Cotto,” said UFC bantamweight contender Rob Font. “Any of those fights, you were always getting out and getting invited to the barbecue. It was like you had to watch those fights. It was an event. I remember those nights as a kid and all those parties, staying up and watching those. It would be a party through the undercard, and right when Miguel Cotto or Trinidad fought, the music turns off, everybody stops, and you all get around the TV and watch the fight.”

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