When asked how the compound fracture and ankle dislocation suffered by Prescott impacts Jones’ feelings about the former fourth-round pick, Jones simply replied, “none.”

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“I was just so sorry for the circumstances,” Jones said during a Tuesday appearance on 105.3 The Fan, per The Athletic’s Jon Machota.

Prescott’s 2020 is finished, but Jones said he expects him back for the latter portion of spring work. In times as uncertain as these, Jones seemed to find some sort of silver lining in the prognosis for Prescott.

“This is one that you can mend, come back and be as good as gold,” Jones said, per USA Today’s Jori Epstein.

When Prescott is available, Jones noted that as the franchise quarterback, his rushing attempts shouldn’t be as prevalent. His Week 5 injury has proven protecting Prescott is equivalent to protecting the franchise, with Jones emphasizing being “very judicious” when calling for a Prescott carry in the future.

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