For the second consecutive night, Jose Altuve was left in disbelief. The second baseman crouched down and stared off into the distance.

The rest of the infield joined together at the mound for a pitching change, but Altuve remained at his position, fixated on the fact that he had just committed his third throwing error in three days. After a few moments, his teammates approached and patted him on the chest.

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“I said, ‘Keep your head up. We got a lot of game left. We’re gonna win this game,’” shortstop Carlos Correa said.

“It’s a team effort,” outfielder Michael Brantley said. “You win or lose together. I’m gonna tell [Altuve] the same thing I tell him every day: We need him, he’s a big part of why we’re here and a big part of what we do. We’re always there for each other. That’s what makes this team so special.”

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