The Gunners currently have seven players nursing problems as they prepare for this weekend’s north London derby against arch-rivals Tottenham.

That isn’t including a number who have spent time out since the new season started at the beginning of September, either.

“There is a massive, massive amount of internal review that we are doing because it’s something that has crept up on us in an area where we felt we were very, very strong,” Montemurro explained.

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“Is it load management? Possibly. Is it the accumulation of games? Possibly. Is it the long pause of games and now, suddenly, there are lots of games and there is the stress of real-game situations as opposed to training at home alone? Possibly.

“We’re trying to work out where and how and why this has happened. We need to be better at understanding all of this. There is no finger pointing here, this is about us coming together as a group, as a wider Arsenal, and also how we work with individuals on a specific basis and looking at how we can get better results.

“We need to look at it and be better because it’s an area where we are a little bit concerned.”

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