It became actually a primary withinside the records of the England team; a man-of-the-suit complete debutant failing to get a unmarried minute at the pitch 3 days later withinside the very subsequent game.

Gareth Southgate’s courting with Jack Grealish has moved on from suspect to faintly ridiculous withinside the closing week. It has moved from obtrusive squad omissions for spurious motives to weirdly evasive solutions to questions regarding the Aston Villa captain’s overall performance in an England shirt.

Southgate seemed desperate to speak about some thing else after the 3-zero victory over Wales, maximum extensively the features of Grealish’s primary rival for a spot, Mason Mount. It became a baffling subsequent step in a courting that has constantly been uneasy.

t seems Grealish is incapable of changing Southgate’s mind, no matter how well he plays for club or country, with the England manager unshakeable in his belief his players must diligently conform to a functional battle plan.

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And while this might appear to be an isolated incident, his preference for Mount over Grealish acutely symbolises a wider problem. When the moment calls for idiosyncrasy, Southgate chooses pragmatism; as the England squad becomes progressive, Southgate retreats to conservatism.

Southgate is no longer the man for England, Grealish snub proves.Click Here

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