Casey Kenney went into his October 4 fight against AlatengHeili with one intention. Well, maybe two. The first was to beat his opponent; the second, to get another bout on Fight Island as soon as possible.

He hit both marks, scoring a one-sided win to move to 4-1 in the UFC, and after calling for a quick turnaround, he’s back in Abu Dhabi for a Saturday meeting with fellow rising star Nathaniel Wood.

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About the only wish that wasn’t granted was sleeping under the Octagon on the beach until he got another fight.

“If they would have went the following weekend, I would have stayed and slept under the Octagon on the beach,” laughed Kenney. “Twenty more days, I’ve gotta come back. Obviously, the coaches had to come back, too, but I got a little bit of a training camp in and got to reset.”

A training camp, in less than 20 days?

“I did enough of a training camp for the last one for this one, too,” he laughs. “I got probably eight, nine days in where I got back to pushing it hard and making sure everything was still sharp from a couple weekends ago.”

So after going from Abu Dhabi to Arizona to Las Vegas and back to Abu Dhabi, is he still happy that he asked for – and got – another fight so fast?

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