Gillian Robertson turned into nicely on her way to a unanimous decision win over Cortney Casey with approximately forty seconds left withinside the fight, however while she heard her train Din Thomas inform her there has been masses of time for a finish, “Savage” obliged. In a blink, the Canadian contender exceeded Casey’s shield and slipped in her patented rear bare choke relatively out of nowhere. If you look closely, you may see Robertson smiling nicely earlier than Casey tapped.

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The next step on Robertson’s UFC path brought her to Fight Island, where she faces Poliana Botelho this Saturday. Even though the fight is still yet to come, one could argue Robertson’s trip to Abu Dhabi is already a memorable one.

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Arriving early with her coach Din Thomas, Robertson got a text from Thomas once the two were done with their mandatory 48-hour quarantine saying he had something for his pupil. Once Robertson arrived, Thomas started talking to her about the importance of legacy and how he believed Robertson helped carry his own. Thomas even went as far to say that Robertson reminds him of himself when he was a fighter making his way through the UFC. Finally, Thomas revealed the surprise: a black belt for Robertson.

“It was definitely unexpected,” Robertson said. “It means the world to me to finally have that respect from (Thomas). I’ve had so many people for the last two, three years since I’ve got my brown belt, they’re like, ‘Oh, you deserve the black belt. You deserve the black belt,’ but that meant nothing to me until I got that approval from Din. So, now that I finally have that, it feels real.”

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