Despite garnering a $50,000 Performance of the Night bonus for what many are calling the greatest knockout in UFC history, Buckley hasn’t let the fame go to his head. So instead of having a car pick him up at the airport once his flight from Abu Dhabi landed, he got on the MetroLink train that leaves him within walking distance of his home. Business as usual.

But as Buckley settled into his seat, he saw two police officers looking at him. The UFC middleweight noticed his face mask was down, so he put it back on and one of the officers walked towards him.

“In my head, I’m thinking he’s gonna ask for my ticket, which I didn’t have at the time,” he laughed.

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The officer asked where he was flying in from. Buckley told him.

“I thought I recognized you,” said the officer. “You’re Joaquin Buckley.”

Buckley laughs.

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“I thought I was gonna have a whole different type of situation. But he was the first person to recognize me. So that was pretty different. But besides that, nothing really special has changed in my life. Not yet at least.”

That’s going to change, if it hasn’t already.

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