Modestas Bukauskas shouldn’t have been this cool. The Lithuanian light heavyweight was making his UFC debut against a short-notice opponent with the world watching, and you would have thought it was sparring day at the gym.

It wasn’t. But you couldn’t have told him that. He had been waiting for this moment forever.

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“I must have replayed that fight in my head a gazillion times,” he said of the lead-up to his July debut. “All the feelings you get, even driving up in my car, listening to music and thinking of certain actions in the fight, playing it along to the music, I’ve seen it in my head so many times. So when it came to me actually stepping out there, it just felt natural. I knew that this was the next natural step in my career. I wanted to fight in the UFC, I wanted to show that I’m one of the best fighters in the world, so when it comes to actually being able to do it on that stage, it just felt completely natural.”

“The Baltic Gladiator” fought accordingly, like he had been there a dozen times as he stopped Andreas Michailidis in a single round, picking up a Performance of the Night bonus along the way as he improved his record to 11-2. Bukauskas had arrived, and yes, fighting in the UFC met his expectations.

“It probably exceeded my expectations, to be fair,” he said. “You can sit there and visualize all day long about how it’s gonna go and what it’s like, but when you’re actually there and you’re doing the whole thing, it adds a very special feeling to it, not quite like any other fight that I’ve been in. When you’ve got Bruce Buffer calling out your name and screaming it there, and you see all the commentators and all these people, you realize it’s real. It was absolutely amazing. I embrace change, I embrace having pressure situations and bright lights, and when it came to the night, I just loved every minute of it.”

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