Choosing to retire on pinnacle after a Fight of the Night win over Bill Algeo in August, Ricardo Lamas left a legacy as one of the first-class featherweights of his time. It turned into a profession full of massive wins and magic moments, however possibly the maximum mind-blowing feat turned into that “The Bully,” who’s of Cuban and Mexican descent, fought for an awful lot of the remaining 12 years at a hundred forty five pounds.

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“That is pretty amazing, considering what I normally walk around at and considering the food that was always on display,” Lamas laughs. “Just the fact that I’ve been having to cut weight since I was 14, and a lot of those times have been around the holidays, where we really get to enjoy our culture’s food. We’d have the traditional Thanksgiving stuff, but we’d have a little Latin flair on it. And the same with Christmas. Christmas was usually a typical Cuban Christmas with roasted lechon.”

Yeah, put most of us around Cuban or Mexican food, let alone both, and 145 pounds would only be a dream. But on a more serious note, as Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close, there is no better person to talk to than Lamas, who has always embraced his culture and the struggles and triumphs of his parents and his people.

“Recognition, pride – I think those are the two main things that go through my head,” he said when asked what Hispanic Heritage Month means to him. “Hispanics have done a lot and are some of the hardest working people here in the United States, and a lot of us that come to this country end up taking jobs that other people wouldn’t want, and they do it very well and they do it with pride. We’re a very hard-working people and it’s a month where we can take pride in ourselves and our culture and share that with everybody else.”

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