Sports Africa Network lately hosted a roundtable with 5 basketball gamers from the African continent. The dialogue found out the fantastic ability the game has for boosting mutual understanding among Africa and the USA, whilst highlighting the demanding situations remaining.

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Thirteen Africa-born guys play withinside the NBA today, almost sufficient to fill a group roster. That roster could encompass Cameroon stars Joel Embiid and Pascal Siakam. Both guys command staggering contracts and large social media followings.

The developing African presence withinside the NBA, WNBA, and withinside the NCAA for that matter, attests to an evolving dating among basketball at the African continent and withinside the united states of america wherein it turned into invented.

In the case of Manute Bol, it was an innocence about a game that was decidedly foreign to him: “The first time I tried to dunk, I caught my teeth in the net and lost a couple of teeth.”

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