“Iam a God in the flesh.”

Jared Cannonier isn’t so much elevating himself to a sort of divine throne but rather explaining the energy and spirituality with which he lives his daily life.

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“Everything is energy,” Cannonier told UFC.com. “Everything is, and people who don’t realize that, I got Spirit Bombs coming your way. What do they say in martial arts? The shot that you don’t see hurts the most. What Rob (Whittaker) knows about that, I don’t know.”

It’s a train of thought that’s outside the conventional box, but then again, so is Cannonier. A former heavyweight and light heavyweight who found his home at 185 pounds, “Tha Killa Gorilla” is a unique case of a mixed martial artist finding a healthier career below their initial weight class.  For Cannonier, it’s just a testament to a better handling of his health and fitness.

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