On September 15, the UFC Performance Institute introduced an interesting new partnership with Oura to offer clever ring generation and customized steerage on sleep and common fitness to fighters.

After vetting diverse technology and wearables for 3 years, the UFC Performance Institute body of workers selected the Oura Ring as its first-ever “Official Health Wearable” because of its accuracy, comfortability and cappotential to supply effective insights via an clean to apply faraway database.

Oura is a clever ring that tracks sleep, readiness and activity. The Oura Ring connects to an clean to apply app that offers each day customized insights as well as long time trends to assist customers enhance sleep and recuperation which lets in athletes to carry out at their best.

With over 600 athletes around the world, being able to provide timely data that can lay the foundation for powerful conversations about what’s happening in an athlete’s body is crucial. And just over a month after Oura Ring teamed up with the UFC Performance Institute, Vice President of Performance Dr. Duncan French has already seen an outstanding response from athletes.

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UFC featherweight Brian Ortega wearing the Oura Ring

“It’s just days into the partnership, but the response from the athletes so far has been overwhelming. It’s been really fantastic and what we’re seeing is a maturity of athletes really taking pride and care in their health and their well-being, with health and well-being obviously being the foundation of performance,” Dr. French told UFC.com. “So, using insights around sleep habits, resting heart rate, respiratory rates, temperature – these are some key physiological variables that we can have conversations about and what that means in terms of an approach to better health, better well-being and ultimately how they’re going to improve their performance in the Octagon.”

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