80. Nick Diaz Wins Inaugural Gold – WEC 6:

Less than six months earlier than introducing the UFC global to the 209, Nick Diaz made his one and simplest prevent withinside the WEC, in which he might dissatisfied Joe Hurley with relative ease to take domestic the primary ever WEC welterweight title. And at the same time as his next accomplishments made him a star, don’t neglect about this hidden gem of an accomplishment.

79. Rerouting the Course of History? – WEC 49:
Kamal Shalorus gave the WEC absolute landslide wins in his first WEC bouts. Recognizing the plain risk to the division, the powers that be gave Shalorus a massive step up in opposition with Jamie Varner. Shalorus managed maximum of the combat earlier than touchdown a groin strike that could fee him a factor. By the give up of the three-spherical combat, the judges scored the combat 29-27 for Shalorus, 29-27 Varner and a 28-28 draw. Already receiving principal occasion remedy and a large bounce in opposition, is it feasible had the groin strike in no way fee him a factor that WEC fifty three capabilities a Benson Henderson vs Kamal Shalorus principal occasion and the arena in no way sees the Showtime Kick?
78. Rogan and Goldie Stop By – WEC 48:
The WEC proved their legitimacy to maximum of the lingering doubters of the advertising whilst Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg stopped through for remark responsibilities and left blown away through one of the maximum raucous playing cards withinside the advertising’s history.
77. Jewtuszko’s One and Done – WEC 50:
Maciej Jewtuszko got here to the WEC cage 7-zero after his early profession excursion of Europe. Jewtuszko got here to the combat capital of the arena for simply over ninety seconds, as he placed on one of the maximum interesting fights withinside the advertising’s history, entire with a spinning backfist and KO of the Night honors. Despite the on the spot success, Jewtuszko in no way back to the WEC or america after the combat.
76. Hot Lips – WEC 17:
Not certain in which the awful blood got here from, there in all likelihood in no way become any, however there certain become depth whilst Justin Levens met Jorge Oliveira withinside the middle of the cage withinside the very last faceoff earlier than the combat. The night’s referee had 100�ith withinside the scenario as he stepped away at the same time as Levens and Oliveira shoved, stared after which Levens landed a pair kisses at the face of Oliveira. Luckily for the sake of the story, Levens become capable of rating one of the maximum outstanding finishes a combat fan ought to ask for whilst he knocked Oliveira out with a first-spherical slam KO.

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