If this Saturday’s UFC 256 bout among Virna Jandiroba and Mackenzie Dern had been plotted like a vintage western movie, the 2 steely-eyed combatants could stare every different down on primary road whilst the townsfolk cowered in fear, uttering cliches like “this city ain’t massive sufficient for the each of us.”

So in addition skilled. So similarly matched. So uniquely dangerous. But the handiest one will experience off into the sunset.

“I’ve been saying that this fight is a fight that I would pay to watch,” agrees Jandiroba. “I’d buy a ticket to watch. We’re both high-level grapplers. It’s going to be like second-nature to both of us to go and fight on the ground. It’s going to be very good to watch.”

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The old west motif is a fun image to think about, but the analogy falls apart pretty quickly when you talk to either of the strawweights in question. Among the most affable and easygoing on the roster, their personalities belie their lethality. It’s less of the rival outlaw vibe and more of the mutual admiration society vibe.

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