In a sport in which personalities and “promoting fights” rule the social media panorama is it feasible for a “we earlier than me” fighter to climb the ranks and win a title?

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The solution is foggy. Proof: American Top Team Coach Mike Brown.

UFC enthusiasts or fans from the Conor McGregor generation listen the call or see the man and right now apprehend him as the person at the back of a number of the most important names withinside the recreation. It may also come as a wonder to a few that Brown took an awl to the goals of of the maximum dedicated WEC veterans in his heyday.

It took handiest one fight withinside the WEC for Brown to locate himself throughout the Octagon from the face of the WEC, Urijah Faber, for the WEC Featherweight name. While the bounce into the hearthplace might possibly inflate the egos of a few and intimidate others, it did neither to Mike Brown, who nevertheless refers back to the bounce into the title fight as a lucky bounce.

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