Myles Jack is aware of his Jaguars have not won many games.

He keeps his group isn’t tanking for a pinnacle quarterback in the imminent draft — although parents round metropolis might not forestall speaking to him approximately it.

“I deleted my Instagram and Twitter, however you can not run farfar from it, even on the fueloline station lovers speak approximately Trevor Lawrence,” Jack stated Thursday, through group reporter Ashlyn Sullivan. “We’re combating for a job, the NFL does now no longer pay losers … we are now no longer going obtainable tanking.”

This is the not unusualplace refrain from individuals who locate themselves mired in forgettable campaigns, in the course of which the fanbase shifts from that specialize in the imminent Sunday to the spring, whilst the NFL Scouting Combine, seasoned days and ridicule drafts reign supreme. After all, what is there to stay up for if the playoffs are not a possibility? Renewed optimism withinside the shape of the league’s annual injection of latest talent, of course.

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There may be a training alternate to appearance toward. For the 0.33 directly season, Doug Marrone’s Jaguars will end properly below .500, and they have got by no means appeared much less competitive, at the least statistically. Marrone’s Jaguars personal a negative-122 factor differential via thirteen games, have misplaced 12 directly and do not appear to have any answers in the front of them. General supervisor Dave Caldwell became already fired in advance this season and Marrone thoroughly might be the subsequent one to go.

“I even have loads of love for Doug — it is been a hard yr for him,” Jack stated. “I will continually journey with Coach Marrone. He has continually had my back, even if I had been wrong. He is a person you need on your corner.”

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