The Los Angeles Dodgers finally earned their place as World Series champions, and after going 43-17 in the regular season — a record-tying 116-win pace — a lingering question will always be whether the shortened season denied them an argument as one of the greatest teams of all time.

As we close the books on 2020, let’s take one last look at the 2020 season and find one fun, interesting, telling or frivolous stat for each team that tells us a little something about happened.

Arizona Diamondbacks

The number: Ketel Marte, one home run each 90.5 at-bats

We’ll kick matters off with Marte, due to the fact he is a very good instance of the problem in comparing individual gamers on their 2020 performance. In 2019, while he completed fourth in NL MVP voting, Marte homered each 17.8 at-bats. That become a marvel given his preceding output, however the metrics sponsored up the strength numbers as he hit the ball more difficult and withinside the air extra often.

Marte did go through a wrist damage in early September, despite the fact that on the time he stated it were bothering him only some days. One element I observed is Marte’s method become extra passive in 2020. His first-pitch swing percent went from 28.5% to 21% and his quarter swing percent went from 70.4 to 61.6. That did not produce a higher stroll charge, however, as that parent plummeted from 8.4% to simply 3.6%. The Diamondbacks had the second-lowest domestic run charge withinside the majors in 2020. They want Marte (and Eduardo Escobar) to get returned to their 2019 production, and in Marte’s case possibly that surely manner being extra competitive withinside the strike quarter.

Atlanta Braves

The number: Freddie Freeman hit .341 (and gained the MVP Award)

When Freeman signed his eight-yr extension returned in 2014, I as compared him to John Olerud. Both had been tall, left-handed first basemen with slight strength and an all-fields method. The assessment has held up quite well. Freeman did have a 38-homer season in 2019 and 34 in 2016, and Olerud crowned out at 24, however Freeman has now had his 1993 Olerud season (the yr Olerud hit .363 and completed 0.33 withinside the MVP voting). Freeman has a .295 profession average, similar to Olerud. Through age 30, Olerud had 39.9 profession WAR and Freeman sits at 38.8.

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