The PlayStation 5 hits cabinets this wintry weather simply in time for the vacation marketplace of Christmas and, withinside the U.S., Thanksgiving.

It will rival the Xbox Series X and the preliminary run of pre-orders for the PlayStation five offered out fast, with a ready listing now in place.

FIFA 21 arrives for the console this wintry weather and guarantees larger and higher graphics, with greater sensible gameplay than ever earlier than on its titles.

When is FIFA 21 released for PlayStation 5?

FIFA 21 was released for PlayStation 5 on December 4.

FIFA 21 had already been released on current-generation consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) on Friday, October 9.

Can I play older versions of FIFA on PlayStation 5?

The PS5 promises to offer backwards compatibility for PS4 games, meaning that you will be able to play older versions of FIFA on the new console.

PlayStation 3 and older games are not compatible with the new console, but any PS4 game purchased in the PlayStation Store can automatically be downloaded onto the PS5 through the same user account.

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