Messi seemingly broke Pele’s long-standing record of 643 goals for the same club with his strike against Real Valladolid last week; Santos claim 448 goals in friendlies have gone uncounted and “a goal against Transvaal (from Suriname) has the same value as one against Real Madrid”

Santos claim that “a goal against Transvaal (from Suriname) has the same value as a goal scored at Real Madrid, in the middle of the Santiago Bernabéu”.

“In the accounts of the specialized press, the King of Football scored 643 in competitions and the 448 goals scored in matches and friendly competitions were ostracized, as if they had less value than the others,” the statement read.

“The argument of some analysts is that so many of these 448 goals scored in friendly matches were faced with weak opponents, such as small or regional teams. Even so, the matches were played in official uniforms, with the official rules of the game and with a score sheet.

Lionel Messi: Santos deny Barcelona forward broke Pele’s goalscoring record
Image:Pele and Messi are two of the greatest goalscorers in football history

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