Paul Ince claims the “jury’s nonetheless out” on Bruno Fernandes with regards to comparisons with Eric Cantona as the Manchester United talisman desires a name triumph if you want to be part of such illustrious company.

A Portuguese big name of the prevailing is doing his first-rate to observe withinside the footsteps of a French icon at Old Trafford.

He has been a revelation via the primary three hundred and sixty five days of his time in England, with United seeking to him for suggestion in instances of need.

The former United midfielder told Sky Sports of the Cantona comparisons: “Eric could do absolutely everything. It was just those moments where you had to win the game. People were chasing us and we did not win the title by a lot.

“Much-needed goals. You know, those moments when you start to worry, start to panic, and the game is not going your way and you don’t know where the goal is coming from. That is when he would pop up and score a vital goal.

“I think that is probably the same with Fernandes. He scores vital goals.

“I think he was very impressive when he first came. He hit the ground running. This year, I don’t think he has been as impressive but he is still a major factor in the team. He is still the talisman.

“Sometimes you might not see him for 25 minutes but he has always got that technical ability to do something magic at the right time. Whether it is a penalty, a wonderful ball, a free-kick, he has always got that in his locker so you can never rule him out of any game.

“The players love him and he has got a character about him. We talk about character all the time and how we are losing that trait in football. But there was a time when I watched him have a go at [Victor] Lindelof. He puts demands on players.

“For someone to come from a foreign country, Portugal, to a club like Manchester United and put demands on his players. He is a winner and it is infectious.”

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