Gregg Rosenthal went 15-1 on his predictions for Week 17 of the 2020 NFL season, bringing his total record to 166-88-1. How will he fare on Super Wild Card Weekend? His picks are below.

Sunday, Jan. 10

Baltimore Ravens 30, Tennessee Titans 28

It should be obvious by now the Titans match up well with the Ravens. Tennessee can handle the physicality and diversity of Baltimore’s defense. The Ravens’ increasingly efficient but low-volume passing attack doesn’t take full advantage of the Titans’ biggest weaknesses in pass rush and pass coverage. The Titans prove they can hold on to a big lead against the Ravens last January and completed a double-digit comeback this November.

Baltimore’s Week 11 loss to Tennessee proved to be the Ravens’ low point. Instead of trying to hammer teams with interior runs, they adapted to a spread attack that emphasized Lamar Jackson and J.K. Dobbins on the edge. They have fewer tight ends on the field on early downs and more creativity with players like Devin Duvernay. The team’s defensive resurgence may be more about the opponents and the offense holding the ball so long.

New Orleans Saints 30, Chicago Bears 20

The score projection above could change depending on the health of the Bears. Chicago hasn’t had two starting cornerbacks (Jaylon Johnson and Buster Skrine) for weeks, and it showed last week against Green Bay. Linebacker Roquan Smith, who has been nearly as valuable as Khalil Mack this season, could be out. No. 2 receiver Darnell Mooney may also be unavailable.

For most of the season, including during the Saints-Bears overtime game in Week 8, Chicago’s defense was a big plus. The Bears make opposing attacks earn it. I’m not sure that’s the case anymore because of injuries, and the matchup on Sunday is tricky. In theory, the Bears can win if they pressure Drew Brees into mistakes. Brees has been holding the ball and more hesitant at times over the last three weeks. But he has the luxury of a prime running game and the best tackle combination in football, ready to snuff out Mack and Robert Quinn.

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